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A.J. Kleinheksel

Assistant Dean | MCG Educational Simulation
Researcher | Educational Innovation Institute
Associate Professor | Department of Medicine
Medical College of Georgia
Augusta University

My experience in higher education includes both university administration and program development, but most of my time has been spent designing and developing clinical simulations for health professions education. I’ve worked both in private industry developing virtual patients, and in academia designing high-fidelity manikin and standardized patient cases. My training in educational technology and policy has prepared me in the areas of curriculum development, educational research, leadership, and communication. Currently, I am the Assistant Dean of Educational Simulation and conduct research in the Educational Innovation Institute in the Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University. 

My expertise includes technology adoption and integration, health professions education, clinical simulation, instructional design, performance assessment, program evaluation, organizational behavior, and policy development.


I’m originally from Michigan but have lived in the Southeastern United States for nearly half my life now. I have been a vegetarian for far more years than I ever ate meat. When I’m not designing and researching simulations, I enjoy musical theater, Ethiopian food, long distance running, weightlifting, and knitting. My favorite topic of conversation is the practical application of learning theory, so please contact me if you’re up for a discussion.

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